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Regional Creeps - Queen Jean

by Andy Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2019-04-12
Regional Creeps - Queen Jean
Regional Creeps - Queen Jean

Back in 2016 I saw Barnsley’s Bruja perform a blistering set supporting Shonen Knife at The Brudenell. Led by vocalist Delyth Wadsworth the band moved from the grunge vibes of their debut EP into a sound that incorporated a healthy dose of shoegaze and dream pop. Of course, good things don’t always last and the trio called it quits after releasing their first album.

Now Zach Duvall and Giannis Kipreos (two thirds of Bruja) are back in the saddle with their new band, Regional Creeps. Duvall and Kipreos share guitar and vocal duties while Sam Horton plays bass. The band’s debut single, ‘Queen Jean’, is an irresistibly fresh sounding indiepop gem.

You can still hear their love of dream pop in the hazy, reverb-y guitars but don’t expect a simple continuation of the sound they had in Bruja. The harmonies and apperception for blissful indiepop melodies has them coming across like some great, long lost Creation Records band.

The effortless pop sensibilities, the carefree harmonies and the deliberately DIY looking video make it an incredibly promising start. The band plans to release 5 more singles over the next 5 months so we’ll be hearing plenty more from Regional Creeps.

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