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Mark Vickness - Prince William Sound

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2019-04-05
Mark Vickness - Prince William Sound
Mark Vickness - Prince William Sound

With artists trying too many different things there are two possibilities - too much of everything, or there is an exuberance of talent at play. Based on his first solo single, Prince William Sound, Mark Vickness is an artist of abundant talent, that is he certainly knows his way around an acoustic guitar!

Most of the time people use the term American Primitive Guitar, to describe the sound Vickness produces here, but there’s nothing primitive about what he is able to exert from his instrument, the same manner that late John Fahey, who is credited by many for coming up with the term.

Vickness, who has a masters degree in composition and has studied everything from piano to tabla (with a few other instruments in between), based on this single is in the ranks of players like Fahey disciple Glenn Jones or say, late Jack Rose to name just two who are/were masters of the fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing. Hopefully, there will be a full album around soon.

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