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Social Gravy - California/Let It Out

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2019-01-25
Social Gravy - California/Let It Out
Social Gravy - California/Let It Out

Strange are the ways of inspiration. I got to writing this single review upon listening to two tunes by a duo, a Belorussian and a British guy who called themselves Social Gravy. At the same time stumbling on a report that insists singles are putting the existence of albums in danger and by listening to this behemoth 4CD compilation available in The Netherlands that tracks the US West coast Sound from 1965 to 1979.

While the report has some strong points on streaming and singles, its conclusions are still debatable. The CD overview tracks a characteristic sound trajectory from The Byrds to The Eagles slick phase - soft rock, country, folk singer/songwriter craze, the injection of soul music... all of it.

And then both somehow describe in the best manner this single by the Social Gravy of a very recent date. Not only is the lead song called “California” but Brad Kohn and Vee Bordukov sound like they have fused in all the key elements that can be found on all 4 CDs of that compilation. Laid back rhythms with ringing guitars and solo injections and good, strong harmonies. It could all have sounded like it has come out of a pastiche stencil, but it doesn’t because Brad and Vee seem to have a knack for good melody. The one that fits perfectly on a single.

Its companion “Let It Out”, brings in that soul element that later Seventies California sound was bound with and sounds like something Ned Doheny would come up with if he was backed by The Eagles/The Doobie Brothers combination. 

Of course, two songs on a single are not too much to judge somebody’s music, but if you stuck these two on any California sound mixtapes to drive around by, you probably wouldn’t know when they were recorded. They would fit so well.

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