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Supergold - Alligator

by Howard Scott Rating:8 Release Date:2018-12-07
Supergold - Alligator
Supergold - Alligator

It was an interesting bit of marketing genius that brought forth Supergold’s newest single, “Alligator”. The band decided that when they had accumulated 250 followers on Spotify, the new recording would be sent out into the world. This served the dual purpose of allowing the band’s fans to feel that they had a small part in the release, while also expanding Supergold’s identity on the giant musical website.

“Alligator” is the second single the band, which has been in existence for just about one year, has released in 2018. It also is the second cut released from an upcoming debut EP entitled “Paris, Texas”, which was recorded in Nashville with Alabama Shakes producer Andrija Tokic and Billy Bennett.

The six-piece unit has also spent the last twelve months touring all over their native state of Florida, slowly building a solid reputation as an energetic and talented act.

While Supergold’s debut single, “Moneylover”, had a melodic, laid-back groove, “Alligator” finds the band making a distinct u-turn into full rock territory. From the opening note, a hard, manic beat grabs the listener.  Drummer Kyle Santiago and bass plucker Pablo Falcon make it obvious right off the bat that “Alligator” will be as rough as the skin of the toothy reptile. Shrieking guitar lines from Christian Ballon and Tanner Collins tighten up the sound before frontman Alex Alston begins his powerful vocal of an absent, but toxic acquaintance. ‘Alligator won’t you be my friend / when will you come and sit next to me again,” wails Alston while the band creates an increased level of tension. The keyboard work of Dana Miral adds to this uneasy riff which never eases up during the recording.

It makes complete sense that six people born and bred in Florida would be a bit wary of anything to do with an alligator, and the cut displays that dread with full effect.

I had the good fortune to seen Supergold play live in a small venue setting a couple of months ago, and it was my take that the band just needed a break or exposure to the right ears to get signed and escape the confines of the Florida club scene. The musical talent is obvious, the songwriting is constantly improving, and Alston does a first-rate job as a frontman, both vocally and physically. He possesses a natural energy and friendly engagement with the audience, as well as a powerful voice to add to the superb music playing behind him. With just a touch of kismet in their favor, Supergold could easily jump a few spaces in the game of musical success. “Alligator” should help hasten that move.

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