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The Lone Wolves - Skeleton Tracks

by Paul Downey Rating:7 Release Date:2010-06-09

The Lone Wolves are a moody bunch; you can just tell by the titles of the tracks on this latest EP that they don't look on the bright side of life. Titles on 'Skeleton Tracks' include the words failing, stillness and betrayal, but what does it sound like?

Its safe to say The Lone Wolves have heard Primal Scream's Exterminator which seems a blueprint for at least two of the tracks here, opener 'No Failing' and 'My Name is Betrayal' which seems like the spawn of 'Kill All Hippies' from the Scream. Having said this, these are the main tracks on this five-track effort which showcase what The Lone Wolves are all about. They take you to dark places, and draw you in with heavy thudding and dirty beats which blend well into their shady environment.

There is diversity here too though, as things are slowed down to a sombre pace on the aptly titled 'Patience and Stillness', whereas closer 'Lowlit' has a more spaced out quality with its futuristic beats and ambient overtones. Conclusively there isn't much here that you haven't heard before, but alot to be admired with The Lone Wolves treading their own dark path. The question is do you want to follow?

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