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Brother Bicker Band - Since You Went Away

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:8 Release Date:2018-09-21
Brother Bicker Band - Since You Went Away
Brother Bicker Band - Since You Went Away

Reverbnation time again! This time around, the spark came after listening to the recent reissue of The Band’s Music From Big Pink. Not that there aren’t any relatively new roots bands trying to tap into that practically timeless sound, and quite a few of those also come from Canada, as did The Band.

The Reverbnation search brought me to Brother Bicker Band and their most recent single “Since You Went Away”. So these bunch of maple leaf-ers ( Bash Raines on drums, Jim Duncan on bass, Jeremy Hrdlicka on vocals and acoustic guitar, Tom Mogan on guitar and vocals, and Ben Ellard on keys and vocals) not only try but manage to get close to the sound of their legendary countrymen ( late Levon Helm, the American one, included).

On this single (and most of the other tunes available on their page) they’re in for a more raunchier roots sound, the one that gets you going in the morning or makes you order another strong drink later that night at the local bar.

The thing is, Brother Bicker Band not only try, but manage to get that roots spirit down to a tee, and that is the key to making their sound authentic, taking them away from just simple mimickers. Any chance of an album soon?

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