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The Ruby Suns - Cinco

by Steve Rhodes Rating:3.5 Release Date:2010-05-31

A new single from New Zealand one-piece the Ruby Suns has hit these shores. Like their national counterparts and L'il Chief labelmates The Tokey Tones, The Ruby Suns inject a playful, wistful melody into their songs and true to form do so on 'Cinco'.

'Cinco' is a tune about Ryan McPhun being turfed out of his house. Whilst lyrics of this nature usually attract moroseness, doom and dispair, Ryan seems to be very happy about it. The song is an uplifting electronic ditty, with echoes of Yeasayer and fellow antipodeans Empire of the Sun in the melody, but it is rather plodding and does not reach their heights. The vocal itself is rather lightweight and the tune doesn't give any real excitement. It simply fizzles out, leaving us with the sound of steel drums at the end (the use of which itself Is usually a crime against humanity alone!)

A disappointing non-entity of a song, which is a shame as the Ruby Suns are capable of so much better.

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