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Alba Lua - Ballad of Joseph Merrick

by Amy Baker Rating:4 Release Date:2010-06-28

When I first started listening to this song, i wasn't sure that it had even started and then i was treated to some erratic use of a xylophone and it all began.

I wouldn't say that this song is instantly catchy. To be honest, I'm not enirely sure that it will ever be catchy. The singer's voice is nice, kind of like someone sighing in pleasure after taking off shoes that had been killing their feet for a week. Like a sigh of intense pleasure. It's slightly unnerving.

The lyrics are cute if not a tad bizarre but then I'm sure that a ballad written for the chap affectionately dubbed 'The Elephant Man' isn't the usual, run-of-the-mill ballad. The lyrics are obviously meaning to make the poor disfigured fella feel better about himself but in fact they just seem to pick out his bad points. As if he hasn't had enough bad luck.

I don't mind the song, in fact there is nothing offensive or unlikeable about it. However, i'm also sure that there is nothing really that memorable about it either. It's not the type of song that i can imagine making waves, i get the feeling that it will pass a lot of people by. Just like it has done me.

It's not all negative though, apparently the singer has really 'soft hands'. Good for her.

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