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Washed Out - Life of Leisure EP

by Alexandra Pett Rating:9.5 Release Date:2010-06-14

Washed Out's Ernest Greene produces the kind of music that makes you think of pink sunsets and lithe, tanned, sun-warmed skin. The laid-back disco beats of the Life of Leisure EP are summer in a box, lazy Ibizan days and hot Riviera nights, ice cream dripping down the cone in the heat of the sun and ice cubes slowly melting into your rum.

The tracks reek of Cafe Del Mar, with 80s pads ('Get Up') or a hefty dash of harmonic vocal thrown in ('Hold Out') for a 2010 twist. They also make use of heavy, electro sounds reminiscent of Daft Punk's slower stuff and there's even an appearance by the Top Gun synth in 'Feel It All Around'.

My very favourite track is 'You'll See It', a life-enhancing blend of delicate synths, gentle nudging beats - like waves lapping at the shore (*sigh*) - and a massive wedge of uplifting, warm chords. If you take a look at the cover of the Life of Leisure EP that about sums up what you're in for with this record - idyllic sunset vibes, just far enough from the shore to be daring with a great big, warm and fuzzy dose of violet tinged nostalgia. Done.

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