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This Great State - Headspace

by Howard Scott Rating:9 Release Date:2018-07-20
This Great State - Headspace
This Great State - Headspace

Reno-born band This Great State is out with a fresh and attention grabbing single entitled “Headspace”, and the tune shines a white-hot spotlight on the skills of this quartet, who now are based in Sacramento, California.

Vocalist Keva Tanyi makes every song she has ever sung her own, and “Headspace” is no exception. It is way too easy to describe a black female’s voice as soulful. Of course, Tanyi’s voice IS soulful, but it is also joyful, strong, tinged with a bit of New Orleans jazz and as powerful as a 70’s vintage Marshall amp. She is a commanding presence either on stage or on a recording, but the strength being sent out into the airwaves isn’t overbearing. What it is is stunning and soothing to the listener at the same time. Phenomenal may be a bit of an understatement here.

That is not to say that This Great State is a one-woman show (although Tanyi is the only female in the band.) On “Headspace”, guitarist Chase Daley lays down a delicious guitar theme that gives the song its basic melody. Max Landis handles the bass guitar with a steadying feel, and drummer Dillon Secklin adds just enough syncopation to the percussion to make the ears stand up and take notice. The guys do a really nice job of melding the music to the vocals to create an aural cornucopia of sound.

“Headspace” is a tune that will stick in your head like your iPhone’s passcode once you hear it. The combined talents of Colin Christian and Aaron Chiazza helped to record, mix and master the single that is hopefully a precursor of things to come for the band. A full length recording by this foursome would certainly be worth waiting for.

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