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Field Music - Let's Write a Book

by Katie Butler Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-06-07

After a brief musical sabbatical, Field Music are back with their third studio album, Field Music (Measure), and from it comes the delicious 'Let's Write a Book'. Back in 2007, after the release of the somewhat disappointing Tones of Town, brothers David and Peter Brewis, the heart and soul of Field Music, wisely decided to take some time out to pursue solo projects with the aim of moving away from the 'indie band' label Field Music had been assigned. February 2008 saw the release of D. Brewis' impressively kooky School of Language, closely followed by P. Brewis' August release of modern pop, The Week that Was. Although both solo projects were deemed a marked improvement on the rather limp, lacklustre Tones of Town, neither album provoked enough interest to launch the band into the mainstream. This month's release of 'Let's write a Book' however, could do just that.

What becomes most apparent about 'Let's Write a Book' is just how un-Field Music this track really is. The 'indie band' is dead; Field Music the Northern Funk band has risen. It's fresh, it's sexy and it's cheeky, but most importantly, it's a ruddy good listen. That underlying bass riff is a godsend; holding the track together as the D. Brewis vocals magically infuse with the complex instrumentals of the piece. Although lyrically the track may be rather limited, it's a real infusion of sounds, demonstrating Field Music's versatility and unrelenting power to impress. What's more, 'Let's Write a Book' is far more accessible than some of Field Music's earlier work: it's catchy, radio-friendly and bound encourage a new wave of Field Music fans.

The release of Field Music's highly anticipated third album, Field Music (Measure), proved the band cannot be pigeon holed; their complex rhythms and vibrant tones have been demonstrated with enduring beauty and success through 'Let's Write a Book'. This could be the start of something truly refreshing for brothers Brewis.

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