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Hot Sauce Pony - Burnt Ends

by Mark Moody Rating:8 Release Date:2018-06-22
Hot Sauce Pony - Burnt Ends
Hot Sauce Pony - Burnt Ends

It’s a bit daunting to write a review of a track that’s a scant one minute and twenty seconds long.  But being a bit of a barbecue snob, it was impossible to resist a track called ‘Burnt Ends’ by a band called Hot Sauce Pony.  For those not in the know, burnt ends are the smoked out tasty end of a beef brisket popularized in Kansas City.  If you are the type to roast a marshmallow until it is carbonized you are likely to be a fan of burnt ends as well.  Now a staple of many midwest and Texas barbecue joint menus, a burnt end used to be tossed your way while you waited in line to order the main course.  So it’s really not too much of a stretch to view this track, ‘Burnt Ends’, as a teaser for something more to come.  

Having Steve Albini on board to record/engineer the band’s debut album certainly doesn’t hurt their street cred as well.  The South London band traveled to Chicago to record with Albini and his stamp on their work is not hard to spot.  Recalling the sludgier sound of one of my long gone Chicago underground faves, Tar (speaking of burning things), the track opens with a pummeling bass line courtesy of Stephen Gilchrist.  You expect Ozzy to come howling in, but with less than a minute to go instead you get Caroline Gilchrist (yes, they are married) with a disdainful coo, sashaying around in the muck.  The song seems to relate to the burnt out end of current days, so befits the sludgy sound.

With a new album on the horizon it’s a bit hard to suss out much from one brief track, but like its meaty charcoaled counterpart the song leaves you wanting for more.  It’s hard to find much further evidence of the band, but a pummeling track ‘Fog’ that predates ‘Burnt Ends’ is a monster as well and bodes well for what awaits later on this year.

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