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Hello Cosmos - Raise the Dawn

by Andy Brown Rating:9 Release Date:2018-07-04
Hello Cosmos - Raise the Dawn
Hello Cosmos - Raise the Dawn

Debut singles are important. It’s how a band or artist introduces themselves, sets out their stall and stands atop the mountain of pop and screams “listen to us!” From the cartoon psychedelia of Taras Merenkov’s accompanying video to the rallying call of the lyrics, that’s exactly what Hello Cosmos have pulled off with ‘Raise the Dawn’.

Manchester based but Cumbrian bred, you may recognise the name Ben Robinson as the man behind Kendal Calling and Bluedot Festival. He’s also been involved in the carnival of chaos that is Slamboree and a number of indie-rock acts such as the sorely underexposed Deathretro.

With Hello Cosmos Robinson has worked with a Desert Sessions-like revolving cast of characters to create something that strides from the speakers and announces itself with a technicolour blast of post-punk ingenuity.

It’s a fresh, euphoric and impassioned sound; the stuttering riff and indie-disco worthy groove keeping the needle firmly in-the-red. The free-flowing, passionate, almost stream-of-consciousness lyrics a clear cut-above. Robinson grabbing a megaphone as he spells it out for us, “I’m just a little bit tired/ of being spoon fed by the uninspired”

Annoyed and perplexed by the world yet optimistic and wide-eyed all the same. All those 3am conversations about how you’d make the world a better place come flooding back as the band throw down the metaphorical gauntlet, “why don’t you speak from your soul? Show us what you’ve got”

With a live band that’s made up of Robinson, his brother Simon, long-time collaborator/ guitar maestro Adrian Ingham and Angela Chan from Lanterns on the Lake and Placebo you can be sure that Hello Cosmos will be bringing their enlightened, cosmic rock to a venue near you soon. In the meantime, here’s ‘Raise the Dawn’…

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