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School Of Seven Bells - Windstorm

This indie effort, the catchy title track from New York trio School of Seven Bells' (SSB) forthcoming album 'Disconnect from Desire', represents a credible attempt by SSB to establish themselves as 'the next big thing'. In the case of 'Windstorm', like so many hit singles before it, simplicity is paramount, which should ensure it achieves some crossover appeal.

The band nail the riff in the opening bars, which gives the song an immediate hook, and condenses the essence of the song into a short space. This is repeated continuously, with the track stretching out like an extended loop, and the song has a kind of hypnotic quality which makes it satisfying upon repeated listening. The beat is possibly rather pedestrian, but it sits well within the whole, and provides a solid foundation for the main theme.

With a mix that emphasises the mid-range and treble, and a beautiful lead vocal undercut by jangly guitar, over vocal accompaniment, the track is a potential playlist favourite. The lyrics have a bell-like clarity to them, and are delivered with Nico-esque reserve and aloofness.

Overall then, an accomplished effort, and a good title track for the new album.

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