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Klaxons - Flashover

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-05-24

And so the faithful waited for the anointed ones to return and once more show them the way with florescent glow sticks and lots of gurning from cheap pills. Meanwhile, the world outside changed, but not that much, not enough for people to forget that Klaxons were once so ball-achingly cool NME had to invent an entire rubbish new music genre just to describe their tunes.

Now finally back from a spiritual pilgrimage during which they chewed on fresh adrenal glands while communing with coyotes in the desert (or whatev) the Klaxon boys are at last ready to give us a sneaky peak of their new sound. 'Flashover', which will feature of the band's second album Surfing the Void, has been produced by Ross Robinson, mainly known for his work with Slipknot and Korn. The nu-metal connection, while odious, is quite useful, since 'Flashover' has a heavier sound than anything on Myths of the Near Future. As the pummeling bass and tumultuous drums crash in over an abstract into, you immediately realise you can forget the long-tired new rave tag. 'Flashover' is not the soundtrack to any kind of euphoric experience, more an unholy freak out in the dingy corner of a squat party. However, beneath the scuzz and scum, 'Flashover' is still very Klaxons with its garbled references to "silver discs" and "imagination opening".

So it's something of a step-forward, but is 'Flashover' actually good? Well, kind of but, to be honest, it's not great. After repeated listens it's still difficult to pick out any real tune from the murkiness, while at five-minutes-plus, it's all a little too unfocused to sustain the shock of its initial attack. Interestingly, since Polydor rejected the band's earlier recordings for album number two as too experimental, 'Flashover' is a seriously un-radio friendly work from a band that a few years back looked certain of conquering the UK music scene. But 'Flashover' is not a single and there's no way of knowing how indicative it is of Surfing the Void as a whole. Still, as long overdue comebacks go, this is hardly Elvis.

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