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Cocosuma - The Jar

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-05-24

Cocosuma look to the soulful mutant disco of ESG on 'The Jar'. The result is quite wonderful until you realise you could quite easily imagine the clipped polo champ girl on Quaaludes voice of Sophie Ellis Bextor singing the lyrics. After that, it's hard to fully enjoy its engagingly simple bass-and-percussion shuffle. Pop ate itself and got a tummy-tuck. Don't be fooled, people. Is it wrong to hope good music falls on deaf ears? Probably, but there must be a way to stop good tunes like this falling into the hands of depraved Radio One DJs, surely?

Hey ho. Shall we talk about the remixes? Italy's Clap Rules do a summer house remix thing, but make everything sound likably wonky. If this came on at 4am in a club in Ibiza it would do serious damage. Probably. Meanwhile, Soundblab's favourite London-based non-London band, Is Tropical, strip everything back to an electro pulse and reveal the ethereal Donna Summer beauty that lurks in the original's folds. Finally, Sourya ("Alan MacGee's favourite French band," declares the press release as if that wasn't a death sentence) make the track sound like something by Chromatic, which doesn't hurt a bit.

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