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Yeti Lane - Twice

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-05-24

Like many bands in Space Year 2.10, Parisian poppets Yeti Lane (dreadful name, but don't let it put you off) are hitching a ride on the deathless motorik of Neu! while tossing about a bit of shoegazey, fuzzy guitar noise. Oddly, in their hands this means Yeti Lane end up sounding a bit like the proggier end of 70s Krautrock, in particular psychedelic squatters Amon Duul II. This is especially true on second track 'Floating' where everything goes a bit Tolkien dance-around-the-magic-toadstool. Elsewhere on this EP things are pretty great. First and title track 'Twice' has got Neu!'s spacey, racey sound down better than most can manage, while 'Speed Me Up', ironically, is a slow number with some gorgeous spectral guitar and vocals which err just on the wrong side of fey.

Closing track 'Wave' is the best of the bunch, however. Here, Yeti Lane shift their focus from Neu! to the proto-ambient electronica of Harmonia, the influential side project Neu!'s Michael Rother formed with the members of Cluster. Beginning with a sea-bed of organically pulsing synth sounds and abstract guitar trills, 'Wave' builds and builds until it erupts into some tumbling, grandstanding cosmic rock action. Yes, it's derivative, but it's taking from the reference points few other bands touch or are even aware of. Right now, that's enough to make this EP reasonably essential.

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