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The Coral - Butterfly House

by Luke Frost Rating:7 Release Date:2010-07-12

For those who thought that a greatest hits or best of album was a band's way of saying goodbye (and milking the cash cow one last time) - think again. Ever since releasing The Singles Collection back in 2008, The Coral have been beavering away on a new album, and 'Butterfly House' is a sneak preview of what we can expect.

The song has the dreamy longing and folky warmth of 60's pop. The guitar is softer and the tune more gentle than anything you would expect from The Coral.

'Butterfly House' is a song that could have come straight off The Last Shadow Puppets' album. That said, there are The Coral's deep harmonies and echoing vocals that go right back to The Coral and Magic and Medicine, and while 'Butterfly House' is not as poppy or instantly catchy as anything off these albums, it is more sophisticated and grown-up, and it feels like a natural progression of The Coral sound.

The first half of the song is more melodic and choral. It lacks the obvious instantaneous hook The Coral are famed for and it does take a while to get going. But it is there if you look hard enough, and as the song builds it is hard not to get carried away in its smooth easy warmth. You can imagine the band writing the song on a balmy night as they watch the sun setting on a northern industrial skyline.

The song has been produced by Stone Roses producer John Leckie, and the surprise guitar riffs at the end of the song are reminiscent of a typical Stone Roses climax. Just like the endings to 'Waterfall' or 'Elephant Stone', 'Butterfly House' bursts into life just as you are expecting it to fade away. It is as this point that memories of The Coral packing dancefloors and soundtracking summers come flooding back.

'Butterfly House' is unlikely to win over any newcomers, in the same way 'In The Morning' created an army of new fans. But the success of The Last Shadow Puppets has demonstrated that there is still a place for this style of music, and for those who loved The Coral first time around, 'Butterfly House' will remind you why.

Luke Frost

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Big fan of their first two albums, sounds worth a listen.

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