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Quartersized - Party Political

by Paul Downey Rating:7 Release Date:2010-05-06

Quartersized don't beat around the bush it has be to be said; with an EP called Party Political the overall tone here is politically-based.

First track 'Known Unknowns' features heavy samples from Donald Rumsfold's War on Terror speech, with tribal drums to boot. About a minute and half in though, this becomes a drum'n'bass track before flitting between an electronic signature before seemingly being let off the leash to run wild in fits and bursts.

'Dub Nation' is another politically fuelled stomper, this time with vocal samples from film and food critic Michael Winner, commenting on the state of the banking system in the UK. Its driving seductive beats bind the track together nicely.

'Kinder Funk' fails to live up to a promising start by seemingly petering out over its final minute, despite an funky electronic introduction.

Closer 'Two Fear Parties' is an electronic stomper fitting for an 80s horror film, with its looming themes of terror and isolation backing slick beats.

Its a shame all political messages can't be so enjoyable.

Paul Downey.

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