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Operator Please - Back and Forth

by Louise Harlow Rating:8 Release Date:2010-05-24

Aussie electro-pop purveyors Operator Please continue support of the Gloves album with the release of 'Back and Forth'. For a band who registered themselves on most people's consciousness with the delightfully bonkers 'Just a Song About Ping Pong', this is a pretty staid but engaging offering.

Once you get into it of course- I spent the first 30 seconds wondering how I had ended up on a New Young Pony Club site- the similarity is uncanny, with Amandah Wilkinson's vocal highly reminiscent of Tahita Bulmer, working over the bouncy synth fuzz and tight drumming that's become NYPC's signature. Wilkinson's sweet, sharp delivery (a nod towards Gwen Stefani) lifts this above the current slew of casio-powered electro-sameness about, as does the casual frustration of the lyrics- "Give it up for all the times that I thought/ I'm in luck from banging on this hollow door".

It may lack the sparse groove and chutzpah of first single 'Logic', but 'Back and Forth' is a slick little tune which has burrowed into my brain lobe and now won't leave me alone.

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