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Ulrika Spacek - Suggestive Listening EP

by Sean Hewson Rating:9 Release Date:2018-04-21
Ulrika Spacek - Suggestive Listening EP
Ulrika Spacek - Suggestive Listening EP

Suggestive Listening EP is Ulrika Spacek’s Record Store Day offering. It’s limited to 1000 copies – 500 blue and 500 pink.

The 5 track EP starts with the mid-paced Pavement chug of No 1 Hum. Immediately you can hear why this band are becoming increasingly important to fans of the music that was once called Indie. Slightly discordant but pleasant guitar lines weave around Rhys Edwards’ equally meandering vocal. It’s familiar but also full of fresh possibilities as the main song is abandoned for a pretty instrumental section lead by Joseph Stone on synth.

The mood is still quite 3rd Velvet Underground LP on the second track, Black Mould. Younghusband and the recently disbanded Ultimate Painting operate in a similar area. All three bands are great. There is a slight distortion on Edwards’ vocal and on Callum Brown’s drums that is in contrast to the stoned laziness of the guitars and tune. Again, Stone’s keyboards lighten the sound of Edwards’ and Rhys Williams’ guitars. The song stops abruptly and the odd, jerking rhythm of Freudian Slip starts up. The rhythm section of Brown and Syd Kemp sound like the great Greenwood/Selway rhythm section at the heart of Radiohead.

Lord Luck has an easier feel and the guitars are fuzzier. But it still has a lightness of touch and a nimble feel to the playing of the Brown and Kemp. The tune is quite like a Stephen Malkmus tune where it doesn’t resolve but keeps on unravelling. The addition of acoustic guitar to the easy rhythm and difficult structure is also reminiscent of Radiohead. Another quirky, instrumental coda finishes the song. The final track is Wave To Paulo, He’s Not There. More hushed and slightly off-kilter loveliness. This wouldn’t sound out of place on Flaked (compiled by Malkmus), it has that kind of soporific feeling. But it’s also not predictable or easy listening.

A lightness of touch coupled with a progressive approach to song construction makes Suggestive Listening an interesting and exciting stop-gap as Ulrika Spacek move towards album number three. There is so much potential in this band and they are able to adapt to so many different ideas that you just give up and go with them.

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