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Jane Weaver - The Lightning Back

by Steve Rhodes Rating:8 Release Date:2018-04-06
Jane Weaver - The Lightning Back
Jane Weaver - The Lightning Back

First appearing out of Liverpool in the long-lost Kill Laura in the early 90s and later moving eastwards along the M62 to Manchester, Jane Weaver has pursued a prolific, if often overlooked solo career, until 2014's The Silver Globe received greater exposure, wowing critics across the land. Two further excellent albums have followed with the most recent Modern Kosmology spawning 'The Lightning Back', released as a two track 7” single in it's original form and remixed by Sex Swing.

'The Lightning Back' is trademark Jane Weaver. Optimistic lyrically “I love the way you thrill me again” and musically, full of luscious melody, light and a beautiful use of texture. A mantric and fuzzed Farfisa organ, fed through the psyche of Spectrum 48k computer game sounds, drives the melodies. Jane's vocals tap into Old English folk at times, but with psychedelic electronica very much in mind, especially with the drum machine undercurrent. The vocals are quite expressive, like Rose Elinor Dougal or Gwenno, especially with the latter's UK cultural solo work. The combined elements are dreamy and possess a child-like feel like a mix of Stereolab and Broadcast borrowing's Pram's extensive toy collection.

'The Lighting Back (Sex Swing remix)' is an art of subtlety. Largely leaving the original track intact, especially with the retained, the electronic pylon drone opening is stretched out. Jane's vocals are echoed and more set-back with the percussion taking its time to appear. When it does it is more rumbling and forward, as shimmers of electronic noises wash in and out of the track, without trying to dominate or attract undue attention. As the track progresses the noises become ever so slightly more cacophonous, enhancing the aural interceptors in blissful hypnosis.

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