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Tunng - Sashimi

by Louise Harlow Rating:9 Release Date:2010-05-31

Tunng are, quite simply, beautiful. So beautiful in fact that I really couldn't care less why they have chosen somewhat inexplicably to name their latest single after sushi. This is a folk outfit who make music with seashells - what's not to love?

'Sashimi' is the first release from the collective's sophomore LP ...And Then We Saw Land, a record with a bent towards the nautical. Tunng's Mike Lindsay identifies the main objective of record #2 as being the creation of "an album that would make a great live set", and the studio recording of 'Sashimi' certainly plays like a promise of its live potential. The circulating acoustic pattern which drives the entire track is ignited by scattergun synths which call to mind the blistering emotion of much of Minus the Bear's output. Lindsay's unforced vocal delivery is complemented by Becky Jacob's contributions and the earnest, abstract pleas of his lyrics; "escaping/ through plastic/ white noise/ into our touches/ elusive/ it ties us all down". I have no idea. I doubt they do either. Who cares?

It's pretty difficult to resist being swept along by the ebb and flow of this engaging little song, and it has done some vital work disproving my (mostly unwarranted) concerns about the folktronica genre.....

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Tunng - Sashimi - Singles - Reviews - Soundblab
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