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Gold Panda - You

by Louise Harlow Rating:8.5 Release Date:2010-05-10

May 10 sees the release of Gold Panda's 'You'. Dropped slap bang in the middle of his first UK headline tour, this delightful offering is the perfect vindication of Derwin's move from natty re-mixer and producer, to author of paired back, beep-happy epics.

Right from the outset the vocal sampling of 'You' is heavily reminiscent of the Japanese influences that permeate much of Gold Panda's work (this, remember, is the man who sold off his record collection to finance a diploma at the School of Oriental and African Studies). The twitchy, euphoric vocal track is set alight by mesmeric, minimal beats , oscillating synths and even the carefully judged used of a toy xylophone (a little is always enough). I'm generally wary bandying about comparisons, but the bleep/glitch pleasures of Seattle's Passion Pit were definitely on my mind listening to this one, which I feel is no bad thing.

Derwin is clearly a gentleman who knows not to over egg the pudding, and to impressive effect. 'You' is a perfectly judged sliver of feverish, emotion laden subtlety, just waiting to soundtrack the hot hazy summer days around the corner....

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