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Climbing Alice - Living EP

by D R Pautsch Rating:8 Release Date:2017-12-01
Climbing Alice - Living EP
Climbing Alice - Living EP

Every band seems to have a WTF moment, that moment where you have just got to wonder what was going on when they wrote and recorded a song or album.  Climbing Alice have named the last track on their second EP "Jason Orange," after the member of Take That. WTF?  It’s a track whose riff can best be described as "spring," the kind of bouncing riff that has the front row pogoing around like lunatics, and the rest of the audience trying to get to the front row to pogo around like lunatics.  Full of gravelly vocals, half full of stoner grooves, and completely devoid of restraint, this could be their calling card track.  That it comes at the end of this four track EP leaves you wanting them to not spend two years until their next one.

The Living EP starts off slowly with the monolithic dinosaur stomp of "Ninja Powers," which attempts to put electric guitars and fuzz into a an almost majestic march.  It comes a little short of that and drones a bit too much.  But fear not, the crashing "No Time For Living" kicks into gear like a late nineties indie rock staple voiced by a Nick Cave-like vocal.  It gains muscle and clout when it reaches its chorus and you can forgive the tired old approach of quiet-loud-quiet for this. "Pizza King" starts slowly with drums dissembling before the whole thing takes off at breakneck pace.  It’s like a Formula One car starting behind the safety car.  The band tread the line between indie and heavy rock throughout this EP but the whole dynamic of "Jason Orange" means that the other three tracks are mere fodder compared to that one slice of brilliance.  The fact that the vocal of this track moves from Nick Cave into an almost light version of James Hetfield only strengthens it and makes you think this could be played with Death Magneti. It’s that way inclined.

Forget this is an EP, and think of it rather as a terrific single with three very good B Sides.  So come on now, get a full album or follow up EP out quicker than this one!

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