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Molly - Glimpse EP

by Steve Rhodes Rating:9 Release Date:2017-12-01
Molly - Glimpse EP
Molly - Glimpse EP

Austria has enjoyed a rich musical history over the centuries in the classical sense with Haydn, Mahler and of course Mozart, amongst others, but bar 80s one-hit wonders Opus with their 'Live is Life' and recent success in Eurovision, contemporary music breaking out of their home country has been thin on the ground.

With just fellow Austrian post-rockers Our Ceasing Voice for recent company, Innsbruck duo Molly quietly produced two EPs, without much fanfare, through 2016. Their third EP Glimpse is perhaps the one to break them into a wider consciousness.

Unsettling atonal, dissonant noises appear, like dragged direct from the belly of Stranger Things' 'The Upside Down' is our introduction to 'Glimpse', before a low-paced two-note drum machine enters the fray, akin to Germany's electronic noise troubadours Vlimmer, before the track delves into calm reflection. Gorgeous, flowing synth notes instantly calm the mood as chiming echoed guitars add further depth, with a double-tracked vocal adding to the restful atmosphere. As Sigur Ros' link to their home geography feels entwined with their soundscapes, Molly likewise feel influenced by their mountainous homeland, though set theirs to the few minutes before twilight where light meets dark.

Like all good post-rockers, the use of layering of instrumentation is key, as the song patiently builds with guitars becoming more expressive and predominant, drums becoming heavier and the synth sounds becoming more expansive and enveloping, opening into a beautiful, choral cacophony, with pounding drums and sweeping and swooning guitars, that drift into full-on riffing near to the close, as if encompassing all of the varying elements of the track into one blunt finale, without overstaying their welcome.

'Time and Space' is more conventional, with a nod to Spacemen 3 , The Stooges or Spectres in its repetitive, reverbed guitar chords, heavier drums and drone-tinged vocals, that feel mantric and sedate but are not overwhelmed by the surroundings, which open out at regular intervals with guitars taking an almost Goth-tinged shrilled direction. The instrumentation unexpectedly departs near the end, leaving a falsetto-rich and haunting vocal to move the song forward, before the powerful instrumentation returns.

'Time And Space pt 2' is more reflective, with the vocals hinting at a restrained Russel Mael, backing arpeggiod and expansive guitars, that weave their dreaminess not unlike Turkey's The Away Days, as wobbled and decayed percussion sounds regularly enter the fray. A simple un-rushed and almost minimalist track that yearns and tugs at the emotions.

With such overcrowded genres such as Shoegaze, Dream Pop and Post-Rock leading many artists to struggle to stand out, becoming indistinguishable from each other, Molly have cannily taken just small elements from each, along with a whole host of other influences and produced an outstanding EP that feels fresh and unique and continues to reward after each listen. Let's hope this allows Molly to break through to a much wider audience as if they can keep reproducing this impeccable standard of output, they will easily outshine the mainstayers of each genre.

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