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Telescope - Telescope

by Ljubinko Zivkovic Rating:7 Release Date:2017-11-03
Telescope - Telescope
Telescope - Telescope

No, not those Stephen Lawrie guys that were originally formed some thirty years ago and just had another album released recently. Still, psychedelia is involved in some way, no matter what, but this time it is only one telescope and two guys from Barcelona - Esteban Garós & Luis Pomés, who have just come up with their debut, self-titled EP, Telescope.

The confusion is bound to remain though. Judging by this three song thingy, some musical similarities do exist. One connecting factor doesn’t come either from the British Isles or the Iberian Peninsula, but from the United States, and that would be Brian Jonestown Massacre, even though Telescopes predate them by some years. It is that guitar buzz (or should I say fuzz) that connects the Barcelona guys with the two more renowned bands.

The noise element is toned down a bit though, and the opener “With Your Truth” shows that the duo has their psych chops down pat, setting the dual vocal harmonies up front. They also show quite a penchant for a good melody, another plus on the psychedelic checklist. This melodic core crops up again on  “Adrift,” the second track here, which is another track in line that resurrects the use of mellotron and brings in the shades of The Stones psychedelic masterpiece Her Satanic Majesties Request. Also, some good vocal harmonies bring to mind memories of XTC in their Dukes of Stratosphear mode. “Not Your Game” opens like a nice and cozy variation on The Byrds “I'll Feel a Whole Lot Better”, and so do the vocals with some great harmonies. The synthesizer break reminds us it is 2017 and not 1967.

Ok, nothing earth-shattering as far as originality is concerned, but often a very good re-hash is better than a lousy supposedly original thing. And after all, the guys are just starting out and definitely do show potential to develop their true voice. Should be given a vote of confidence.

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