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The Dead Weather - Die by the Drop

by Rich Morris Rating:7 Release Date:2010-05-03

Call it Jack White Side Project Fatigue Syndrome if you like. Actually, call it JWSPFS to save time. People just didn't really take to The Dead Weather the first time around. Probably, this was because what people want most from Jack White is another White Stripes album. But while he figures that out in his own good time, he's finished work on the second Dead Weather album, and dropped 'Die by the Drop' in our laps as final proof that he's now drumming and singing in a very good blues rock band. 'Die by the Drop' is made up of periods of tense, almost dead space punctured by a monumental, squirming, swollen bastard riff. Over this White and Allison Mosshart trade vocal sneers, almost certainly while wearing black and looking vaguely pissed off. And it's great. Not classic, not White Stripes. But great.

Richard Morris

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