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Elinor Rose Dougall - Find Me Out

by Charlie Bond Rating:7 Release Date:2010-05-03

If her voice sounds familiar, it could be because you recognise her as the previous lead singer of girl group The Pippettes. It could also be because she's had massive success with three singles ('Another Version of Pop Song', 'Start/Stop/Synchro' and 'Fallen Over'). Whatever Elinor Rose Dougall is doing, it's working.

Her new single 'Find Me Out' has been dubbed by NME as: "Smart, mournful and quite breathtaking music." With its heartfelt vocals, dreamy lyrics and a bit of cornet playing, courtsey of British Sea Power's Phil Summers, 'Find Me Out' is sure to be another hit for Dougall. Its chilled out melodies make it perfect for easy summer listening yet, laced with a darker mood, this song is also ideal for the days when facing the world seems like a chore.

Dougall isn't waiting around to see the success of her single though. With a much-anticipated album Without Why due to be released this year, she's already lined up a tour and has been making friends in all the right places. Don't just take my word for it - her new album is set to include a collaboration with none other than Mark Ronson.

It seems this could be Dougall's year, and 'Find Me Out' is a clear example of why we should be expecting big things from this lady.

Charlie Bond

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