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Savoir Adore - Bodies

by Paul Downey Rating:9 Release Date:2010-05-03

The debut single from Brooklyn electro outfit Savoire Adore, is what MGMT's second album could have sounded like. 'Bodies' is a high octane electro pop anthem in waiting, with tribal drums and the uplifting vocals shared between Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro.

The chorus is a killer, with Muro protesting, "You can have it all" with layers of 'oh whoa' to insure its singalong quality.

B-side Secret Fires keeps the flow going, with a more chilled out and ambient sound which sees Deidre take full control of vocal duties, a move which the track benefits from. Her voice has almost a hypnotic quality as it mixes between the layed back groove to make for a delicious track.

We also have two remixes of 'Bodies' from Midnight Magic and French Horn Rebellion, with both doing the track justice, but without ever hitting the heights of the original.

J'adore Savoir Adore.

Paul Downey

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