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Ten Bears - Braces

After last summer's Glastonbury success, Salford's Ten Bears return with debut single 'Braces,' an inoffensively sunny pop tune that drips all over with the cosmic dreaminess of MGMT's 'Time to Pretend.' However, Ten Bears replace the New York duo's coolly sardonic, psychedelic temperament with a sickly sweet garishness that will be long forgotten by summer's end.

Breezy vocals chirp about the wonders of youth over thickly fuzzed bass and light-headed synths before chiming into a squeaky clean chorus laden with cheesily crooned lines like "Gimme gimme coco, give it tonight." What MGMT might sound like if they penned a Eurovision number, basically.

Check out their video to behold the terrible impact The Might Boosh's Vince Noir has had on UK pop music.

Jamie Skey

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