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Son Lux - Weapons EP

Son Lux is a classically trained composer who dabbles in electronica. Does his theoretical background enhance his excursions into dance-style rinse outs? Well, not exactly. But there are plenty of sonic oddities on Weapons EP to dazzle and perplex ardent technophiliac musos.

In between composing dance tracks for companies from Paris to New York, Son Lux enlisted three stablemates to build upon melodic themes found on old favourite Weapons, taken from his debut long player At War with Walls and Mazes.

Opener 'Weapons II' is little more than a dreamy prelude to the rest of this diffuse, dislocated EP. A gentle surf of strings rises in a shimmering expanse before abruptly dissolving into a splotch of static. The nervous twitch of 'Weapons II' follows with a miscellany of sub woofer stroking bloops, manic fibrillating glitches and a plink-plonking rain of space dust. A lack of groove or melody makes it almost impossible to digest.

Lux seems to be confused as to where he wants to take the music and, indeed,what the music's identity is. Is it dance? Is it ambient? Is it classical? It is all and none, with compelling ingredients of each missing. Only the most hardcore geek could eke pleasure from this scattered sound art.

Jamie Skey

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