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Jason Urick - Fussing and Fighting

by Clare Stemp Rating:6.5 Release Date:2010-04-19

A photograph of Jason Urick may well leave those quick to leap for the nearest musical stereotype expecting a deluge of folk-rock masturbation, with his, ahem, maturity, rugged build and hefty grey beard. But no! For those not previously familiar with this Baltimore based artist (anyone not in Baltimore), the key influence shaping his latest release is the Jamaican Sound System artist Jah Shaka, and features rich roots-reggae beats swimming in dub, enough to make the old master proud. Chuck in some swirly psychedelia, helped along with a video Mister Acid would be proud of, and looped vocals endlessly sampling the track's title, and you have this: a soft, slightly exotic fudge of a song.

It takes time to get used to the continual, echo-laden sample bouncing waywardly throughout all eight and a half minutes of the track, but eventually it reveals itself as perfect for times when you can do nothing other than vegetate disgustingly, perhaps after a night at one of Jah Shaka's gigs, when your entire being fails you. Akin to a bizarrely pleasurable brain stem death, Urick has captured a relaxed pace, blended it with dreamy electronica and spread it all pretty thickly onto his experimental sandwich. But he's failed to fiddle with it enough for anyone with even vague remnants of an attention span. Great for a necessary coma; otherwise, crank up the Bomfunk MCs or summat.

Clare Stemp

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