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Jarmean? - Bad Penny

by Paul Downey Rating:9.5 Release Date:2010-05-03

The second release from London quartet Jarmean? Could be one of the most refreshing songs of the year so far.

Bold I know, but not since the adventurous debut album from The Coral many moons ago in 2002 has a band been seen to bop to their own beat so much.

'Bad Penny' is undeniably British with its distinctive Blur-esque vocals, and even some trumpets mixed in.

It is totally out of key with anything out there at the moment, which of course is never a bad thing.

The band is renowned on the live circuit for their burlesque shows including some demented dancing, but 'Bad Penny' is certainly evidence that they have substance as well as style.

Paul Downey

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