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LCD Soundsystem - Drunk Girls

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-05-17

A few weeks ago Soundblab reviewed 'Oh Boy (Christmas Blues)', a track taken from the soundtrack to the Ben Stiller movie Greenburg. It's stately Pink Floyd fury was so impressive that Soundblab was moved to declare James Murphy incapable of recording a bad song. Well, way to prove us wrong, James.

Actually, 'Drunk Girls' isn't bad; it's just been done. Specifically, it's been done by David Bowie, who recorded it in 1979 and titled it 'Boys Keep Swinging'. Twenty years later, it was revisited by Blur, who called it 'MOR'. To be fair, you can see why Mr Murphy has wheeled it out again here. It's a great, swaggering riff, a great set of vocal ticks. Plus, the video, co-directed by Murphy and Spike Jonze and featuring the band being hazed by a gang of gibbering goons in cartoon dog outfits, is fantastic. It will also no doubt sound awesome live. But, ultimately, it has been done before and, really, we have come to expect so much more than mere emulation from LCD Soundsystem. Oh well.

Richard Morris

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I like it! There are some great lyrics, with my favourite definitely 'Drunk girls know that love is an astronaut; It comes back, but it's never the same'. Awesome.

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Well it was very good live, as predicted, so I'll give it that.

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