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Kat Cunning - Baby

by paul_guyet Rating:9 Release Date:2017-09-08

I first encountered Kat Cunning in a dim, star-lit chamber called the Dreamers' Den, a space wherein she sang improvised songs based on dreams that people in the room handed to her on slips of paper. At the end of the short performance (she also tossed in superlative and nuanced renditions of Sinatra's "Bang Bang" and the Chordettes' "Mr. Sandman”, all accompanied by guitarist Rob Mastrianni), she mentioned her first single, "Baby", had just been released. I needed more, so I gave it a turn.

If it were just her rich, smoky voice and a piano, I’d have been sated, but throw in the eerie guitar, subtle, haunting programming, and the sorrowful lyrics dropping like silk-wrapped stones from her lips and you have something truly remarkable.

Bottom line, it's gorgeous, a mournful dream. A track one could down in and an utterly stellar debut from a truly talented new artist.
Listen to “Baby” below.

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