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Blur - Fool's Day

by Rich Morris Rating:8 Release Date:2010-04-17

'Fool's Day' is Blur's first new material for seven years, released as a limited promo on Record Store Day. Fortunately, nice chaps that they are, Blur have seen fit to offer it as a free download on their site.

So, first impressions? Well, what immediately surprises is how traditionally Blur-y it is. Over a classic laidback Kinks/Syd Barrett acoustic riff, Albarn sings in that familiar but half-forgotten estuary whine about taking his kid to school before a passing mention of pound shops and Ladbroke Grove. However, in case this all feels a bit too much like some daydreamy nostalgia fest, diminutive guitar god Coxon unleashes a series of wonderfully imaginative squalls and crescendos.

In fact, once you get beneath 'Fool's Day's amiable middle-aged matey-ness, you notice myriad dissonantly fizzing effects and textures. It's Britpop going acid-trip weird at the edges. Against all odds, it seems Blur have belatedly managed the one trick that always eluded them: marrying Albarn's classic songwriting nous with the Coxon-driven experimentation of their later work. One thing sticks in the mind: Albarn's echoing murmur of "We just can't let go". Please, please let this be a mere taste of things to come.

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