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Young British Artists - Lived In Skin/Million Miles

by Will Kitson Rating:5.5 Release Date:2010-04-26

Upcoming indie band Young British Artists definitely show potential with their new double release, Lived in Skin and Million Miles. Both tracks boast powerful beats, catchy riffs and a singer that sounds like the love child of Brandon Flowers and Paul Smith (in a good way!).

Lived in Skin immediatelydemands attention with its dynamic, commanding intro. It follows through with a litter of ear catching verses that flow in and out of each other with ease. Similarly, the more melodic Million Miles has an assortment of well placed highs and lows that ooze a cool style that every half decent indie band should have.

Although technically Young British Artists can't be faulted, I do find myself struggling to maintain interest about half way through each of these five minute tracks. Maybe it's me, or maybe this band is simply lacking some epic edge, something to make them more than just another drop in the indie ocean. Don't get me wrong, they are good, but they're not great... yet. If you love indie music then you'll at least like these guys.

Will Kitson

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