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Lethal Bizzle - Go Go Go

by Rich Morris Rating:5 Release Date:2010-04-17

Lethal Bizzle is an odd bloke. He's a grime artist who duets with hardcore punk groups. He's the type of guy who releases a track that gets banned from a lot of mainstream radio stations, and yet has a name that sounds like a psychotic Play School character ('...and if we look through the square window, children, we can see Lethal Bizzle. He's off to shank Andy Pandy with his mans, Apocalyptic Snuggles and Fatal Puddleduck').

And now he's back with his first release of 2010: 'Go Go Go'. Lyrically it's sort of a wish list. Bizz raps about his desire for very expensive objects, a mansion and lots of lovely ladies. He doesn't want much. I assumed by the second verse he would be calling on nations to surrender their powers to him. But no second verse materialised. In that increasingly popular way, Lethal merely repeats the list, as if you couldn't quite comprehend his lavish demands first time round. It's a good job the elastic bass of Nick Bridges production is bouncy enough to get you vaguely interested as this supposed 'big summer banger' seems a little less lethal and little more than the anguished lament of one man's unfulfilled ambition to nail twenty supermodels.

James Naylor

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