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The Golden Filter - Hide Me

by Charlie Bond Rating:9 Release Date:2010-04-19

After previous success with Solid Gold in 2009, and after a bit of touring around the world, New York's hottest duo are back with a fantastic new single, taken from their forthcoming album Voluspa.

Hide Me is an eclectic mix of breathy vocals and electronic sounds, and is sure to be a hit after its release on Monday.

If you're not sure what they're about, imagine a recipe containing a bit of Goldfrapp, a pinch of MGMT, a dash of Pink Floyd...bake for 20 minutes and the result is a hot, fresh sound, courtesy of The Golden Filter.

It may seem that I don't have much to say about this single, but in fact the opposite is true. I am absolutely in love with this song, and raving about it endlessly seems wrong. Instead, go listen, watch, download and enjoy.

Charlie Bond

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