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The Pipettes - Stop the Music

by Charlie Bond Rating:7 Release Date:2010-04-19

When The Pipettes launched their first album We are The Pipettes in 2006, they were just three young girls, seeking to impress with their sixties inspired music and polka dot dresses. They weren't bad, but their music didn't quite hit the spot.

All that is about to change however, with the relese of their new single Stop the Music. Gone are the 60s beats, and in place the girls have adopted a much more up-tempo, disco feel to their music. After ditching two members, the new formation are hoping to make it big with their single, out Monday.

If you're wondering what they sound like now, lead singer Gwenno Saunders has it covered. This week she told the Belfast Telegraph: "We're the new Abba." * The Pipettes may have a way to go before matching Abba's success and bank balance (Money Money Money anyone?) They're certainly on the right track.

Stop the Music is a fresh, upbeat little number, with the vocals reminiscent of Sophie Ellis Bextor, or indeed similar to Abba.

In 2010, The Pipettes have left the 60s and moved their music style firmly into the 70s. This catchy tune is sure to be the start of big things for these girls.

Charlie Bond


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