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Ocelot - Beating Hearts

by Laura McGuinness Rating:8 Release Date:2010-04-26

It's not often that the remnants of a hardcore metal band swiftly evolve into dance DJs, but that's just what trans-Atlantic duo Ocelot have managed to do. Corey Kilduff and James Welsh began by mashing-up hardcore tracks, strengthening their long distance friendship by throwing their work back and forth across the Atlantic, between Texas and Yorkshire, no less. Now DJing together -everywhere from Leeds to Ibiza - the duo are focusing on electro-dance and have gained a decent amount of exposure with remixes of The Killers, Robyn and Royksopp.

'Beating Hearts' - their first single on Wall of Sound - features Emil (B Unique) on vocals, with catchy sounds combining nicely with driving beats. It's definitely not cheesy euro-dance but it could very easily be a popular club tune. This retro tinged dance track has lots of well executed effects and sweeping, sparkling sounds - almost like the kind you'd find in a games console sound effect file. Seamlessly switching between hard and soft, the high-pitched vocals are able to balance out the track at its hardest. Rising to a cracking crescendo the pumping beats and gentle but repetitive vocals exemplify this summer tune's irresistible catchiness.

A good, fun, body-moving single which proves that talent can cross the boundaries of genre. Forget hardcore, this is fun. And you can dance without punching anyone in the face.

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