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Dimbleby & Capper - Slick Maturity

by Clare Stemp Rating:7 Release Date:2010-04-12

No, it's not a collaboration of retired 70s rock-detectives, it's 22 year-old Laura Bettinson. "The '&' is irrelevant", apparently. Slick Maturity is her debut single, and it's a pleasing mish-mash of steadily engaging drums, electronica and distortedly sweet Lauper-esque vocals. Bettinson's not just the vocalist, she wrote and produced the track, showing real promise and a good ear for a catchy pop-hook with experimental twists. Some of these twists are unnecessary to showcase her talent, like the thankfully brief mini guitar riff early on; but the combination of raw percussion, catchy bassline and progressively layered vocals lead to a thoroughly enjoyable track with plenty of power. Accessible, but not as saccharine-pop as the larger portion of the lady army attacking the charts right now, Dimbleby & Capper is one to have high hopes for as a mediator of impressive, rhythmic melody and tactful experimentation. And hopefully she'll solve some crime, too. Yeah.

Clare Stemp

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