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Danny and the Champions of the World - Restless Feet

by Rich Morris Rating:3 Release Date:2010-04-05

The Danny in question here is Danny George Wilson of (limited) Grand Drive fame. He's teamed up for the second time with members of Goldrush, among other "champions", to produce some unnecessary country'n'western for their re-released album, Streets of Our Time. 'Restless Feet' is a horribly comfortable affair. Word on the street is that Danny's "trying to get back to something to believe in", but this will only work if he believes in formulaic country-by-numbers, or has faith in a seven-headed, less chesty version of Dolly Parton. Wilson's Dylan impression grates from the very start - with a Texas-style count-in - and sits less well when you know he was raised in South London. All the usual standards of modern Folk are met without effort: whiny reminiscence; wibbly banjos with a dash of harmonica; a bovine pace; plus a sprinkling of brass to cheer it all up a bit. So those who want nice Country music will get nice country music. It brings Paolo Nutini that little closer to being Fred West. At least Mumford and Sons shout a bit sometimes.

Clare Stemp

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