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The Crookes - Bloodshot Days

by Will Kitson Rating:5 Release Date:2010-04-05

The new single, 'Bloodshot Days' by Sheffield based band, The Crookes can best be described as a decent summer song; destined for a few plays before being quickly forgotten. Something about the band fits too neatly into the indie genre. No one could describe the pleasant, flamenco style track as rubbish, but maybe that's the problem. It's so agreeable and familiar that it's pretty hard to get excited about. They say they're influenced by The Smiths and The Housemartins but which indie band isn't? No doubt that they'll appeal to a wave of fresh faced teens who think that they've discovered some brilliant unknown group, but to be honest, they're so reminiscent of Noah and the Whale and early Arctic Monkeys that 'The Crookes' are unlikely to cause a great stir in the music world.

Will Kitson

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