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Maika Makovski - Lava Love

by Rich Morris Rating:9 Release Date:2010-04-05

'Lava Love' should be the new theme tune to True Blood. Everything about it, from the insinuating twang of the guitar to the grouchy, loose percussion is saturated with an exquisitely swampy, smoky, red light voodoo vibe. Over the top of this, Makovski purrs and coos like a eerie baby PJ Harvey - appropriate, since 'Lava Love' is produced by long-term Harvey collaborator John Parish. Lyrically, the song is about, well, shagging, basically, and so it's only proper that everything builds towards a storming, thrusting finish. Satisfyingly, however, Makovski herself remains coolly in control throughout. Everything about 'Lava Love' is completely addictive. A major talent has arrived. Please amend your records accordingly.

Richard Morris

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