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Electric Eels - Agitated

by Rich Morris Rating:10 Release Date:2010-04-17

The alternative rock of 2010 seems to be split into two camps: those that want to ape the pretty, trippy alt-country of Animal Collective (your chill-wavers) and fourth-gen garage rock berks who wouldn't know an original idea if it pushed them over in the street and pissed sheer genius into their confused, gumby faces. Timely, then, that the newly formed Agitated Records has elected to release this, the song after which it is named. For those unfamiliar with this song and the insanely misanthropic bastards who birthed it to the world (and, really, I envy you because you get to discover it), 'Agitated' is barely two minutes of blank-eyed, piss-taking, ultra-cynical bitch slapping put to shredding, cheese-wire guitar noise and dum dum boy stomping. It is deathlessly awesome. Imagine 'Sister Ray' by The Velvet Underground, 'Raw Power' by The Stooges and 'Kiss' by The New York Dolls but shorter, prissier, nastier and weirder. It also has one of the best vocal performances ever, ever, ever. The bit where singer Dave 'E' McManus releases a mighty, bilious "URRRRR!" is possibly the best noise ever committed to vinyl, and the most influential. You can hear future echoes of The Sex Pistols, The Damned, X-Ray Spex, The Buzzcocks, Pixies, riot grrrl, Nirvana. But sod all that. Listen to this.

Richard Morris

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