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MAY68 - My Ways

by Rich Morris Rating:6 Release Date:2010-03-29

"Let's just pick up where we left off on the dancefloor," hum the popdroids of MAY68, the precision-tool synth band who have arrived to replace last year's model. It's as if they know the thoughts running through your mind. Well, that's almost true. Like other models before them, MAY68 can expertly read the information of your pheromones, your blink-rate, your hip movements. They know exactly how to please. A juggernaut bassline here, a disco beat there. Female vocals set on IcyDiva5. The whole affair spangled with lashings of synth. And, of course, just enough gaps left in the polished surface to trick your mind into believing the experience is 'real', that MAY68 are really working for it. 'DIY' they used to call it, didn't they? Back in less cynical times. Oh yes, they know what you want. And now you feel your feet shuffling, your shoulders swaying. The faces of the previous popdroids you gave your heart to blur in front of your mind's eye. Can you even remember their names? All you can feel now is the pulse of the bassline, perfectly timed to fit the beat of a human heart. "Let's just pick up where we left off on the dancefloor," they hum once again, more insistently this time. Not for the first or last time, you surrender utterly. Resistance is futile.

Richard Morris

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