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The Slim Sadies - Misleading

by Rob Taylor Rating:7 Release Date:2017-03-24

Some new artists are deserving of coverage before they even properly hit their straps, particularly where their rising star has everything to do with talent.  

The Slim Sadies from St Louis, MO are five teenagers (the oldest 19) who not long ago were slugging it out in a band competition at Maryville University (which they won). We’ve all been there. The barracking and the unconditional enthusiasm of loved ones can sometimes be a security screen to what, ultimately, is encountered in the real world. 

It’s fascinating to see the successful transition in The Slim Sadies from a band self-conscious about early praise a few months ago, to one adopting the cool serene of a band whose endeavours are less dictated by fear of mistake. It comes quickly since formal acknowledgement of their talent.

On inaugural single ‘Misleading’ The Slim Sadies confidently proclaim to the world their brand of bright-eyed alternative pop with a country edge. The singer Tyler has a great falsetto voice neither shrill nor doe-eyed, just a genuinely good instrument.  ‘Misleading’ is a great little song with a grappling melody, thoroughly complimented by a breakaway guitar solo at 2 mins 10’ which takes the core hook and makes it swing joyously. This buffers the song against what I perceived as a little too much naivety in the lyric. (Man, if things are really such a bummer in your relationship, sleeping on the couch isn’t your only way out. In fact, it’s not even advisable. You’ll get a shit sleep, wake up with a sore back and be even crankier. Just go hang out at a late night bar).

With the strides The Slim Sadies have made since the band comp days last year, I reckon a bit of studio time beckons.  Check 'Misleading' out here: 

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Great review, Rob. I had the chance to see this group live at Cicero's in St. Louis. You were spot on.;)

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