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Yeasayer - O.N.E.

by Al Brown Rating:8 Release Date:2010-03-29

This song makes me feel old because it is influenced by types of music that were incredibly unfashionable in indie circles up until a few years ago. Since when did 'proper' bands want to sound like Culture Club or Erasure or some nineties euro-dance smash? I kind of dig it though: there's alot of heart, alot of hope in this song which makes a big difference. The lyrics are of the 'I Will Survive' (broken hearted but defiant) template which adds to the appeal - you could imagine people going crazy for it on the dancefloor and it's definitely simple and catchy enough to transcend underground success and become a genuine pop hit. Or maybe it's just a soulless bunch of Brooklyn hipsters taking a semi-ironic piss over all the great pop-memories of your childhood. You'll have to decide for yourselves.

Alistair Brown

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